Recovery Centers of America

Today’s Solution to an Age Old Problem

The Pinnacle of Luxury Healthcare

Recovery Centers of America (“RCA”) is transforming how behavior health treatment is rendered throughout the U.S.  Strategically located in affluent towns near first-tier cities, RCA’s ultra-5-star operation accommodations make our hospitals the pinnacle of luxury healthcare.  In addition to top of the line equipment and medical staff, RCA offers lavish décor in the facilities, well-designed coffee bars, modern fitness centers, farm-to-table gourmet food prepared by culinary chefs, as well as pick-up and drop-off service with Mercedes-Benz.  RCA expects to treat a variety of patients in the communities around us including celebrities, millionaires, and politicians in who trust the RCA brand and confidential and comprehensive care they will receive.

RCA has recruited the nation’s leading experts in behavioral and acute healthcare to render all levels of care in its hospitals across communities in the United States.  RCA’s goal is to help one million Americans achieve and sustain meaningful, lasting recovery from behavioral health issues.


America’s addiction crisis has reached epidemic proportions and is destroying the physical and mental health of individuals and families, straining our medical system, and eroding our communities. RCA is answering this massive problem with an equally massive response. By bringing together America’s leading clinicians, scientists, practitioners and addiction medicine professionals with enterprise-level business leadership, RCA will escalate the standard of addiction care, provide ongoing treatment and recovery support for those who suffer from this chronic disease and make effective treatment available across the nation.

RCA’s unique, full-service “Neighborhood Model” sets it apart from all other treatment programs and facilities. RCA is pioneering a comprehensive, full-service treatment system across multiple levels of care closer to home. Current self-pay and commercial payor rehabilitation facilities are generally located in isolated areas of California, Florida and New Mexico, which are not easily accessed by the general population and very inconvenient.  Too often, these facilities are unable to effectively treat patients after graduation from their initial treatment programs as the remote locations effectively prohibit ongoing access to the facility and support staff.  RCA believes that effective treatment for addiction has no definitive timeline and that the lack of readily available access to rehab services following discharge from a facility increases the risk of relapse.

RCA’s network of neighborhood-based Recovery Campuses will become beacons of learning and change within the communities they serve. They will be centers of sobriety, treatment, spiritual life and healthy sober living for both individuals and families in recovery.

America Now EB5 RCA Deni Carise

Deni Carise

Chief Clinical Officer

A former Chief Clinical Officer with some of the world’s leading behavioral treatment providers, including CRC Health Group and Phoenix House. An adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Carise has consulted with government worldwide to develop national systems for behavioral health treatment.

America Now EB5 RCA Christen

John Paul (J.P.) Christen

Chief Operating Officer

A former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Acute Care for Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), one of the nation’s largest and most respected healthcare management companies.

America Now EB5 RCA McClure

Kevin McClure

Chief Financial Officer

A former Chief Financial Officer with NHS Human Services, one of the largest non-profit human service companies in the nation.

America Now EB5 RCA John Henry

John Henry

Chief Marketing Officer

A former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Caron Treatment Centers, one of the nation’s most respected non-profit providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

America Now EB5 RCA Kathy Junod

Kathy Junod

Chief Information Officer

A former Executive Director of IT at Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the bio tech and pharmaceutical company recently acquired by Endo Pharmaceuticals.